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Individual Membership : $45.00
(only $35.00 if paid on or before April 15th)

Family Membership: $55.00
(only $45.00 if paid on or before April 15th)

Family membership is for families with 2 or more karters under age 18.  Other karters in the family get reduced pit pass fees.

Note: All members of the family must sign the membership application form.

Minor:  Any person who is age 17 or under, MUST have a "Minor Release and Waiver of Liability & Indemnity Agreement"form signed, completed and on file with GSR Kartway.  Forms are available.

Standard release must also be signed upon entry by the PARTENTS of those 17 and under.
Printable Membership Form  

Membership Benefits:
Eligible for Championship Points and Awards.
Savings on race night pit pass admission.
Inclusion in all GSR Kartway mailings.
Families save on membership at GSR Kartway - pay only one membership for entire family.

Race Night Fees:
Racer Entry - $22.00 Member, $28.00 Non-Member, Additional Member Family Racers - $15.00, Additional Non-Member Family Racers - $22.00 Each Crew Member - $13.00, General Admission Fees - $5.00

If you own your own AMB transponder, there is no fee. Rental fee - $8.00. Karters in the same family can share the same transponder as long as they race in separate  divisions. You will be required to leave your drivers license in exchange for a transponder rental. If the transponder is damaged while in your  possession, you will be charged a $367 replacement fee. Transponders must be returned before leaving 
the track.

I have or will have familiarized myself with all the GSR Racing LLC rules and regulations now or hereinafter promulgated, including kart specifications and safety rules. I agree to abide by all GSR Racing LLC rules.

I agree and understand that by submitting my kart for various technical and safety inspections, I certify that the kart meets all rules and regulations for participating in GSR Racing LLC events. I understand that the burden of proof will rest upon me to show that I am in compliance with all GSR Racing LLC rules and regulations.

Decision of Officials:
I agree that all decisions of GSR Racing LLC race officials, or track officials, regarding interpretation and application of GSR Racing LLC rules and the scoring of positions, will be final and non-litigable. I further covenant and agree that I will not initiate any type of legal action against GSR Racing LLC to challenge such decisions, to seek monetary damages, to seek injunctive relief, or to seek any kind of legal remedy.

I understand that racing is a dangerous sport and there is no express or implied warranty of safety resulting from publication or compliance with rules of GSR Racing LLC. These rules are intended as a guide for conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others.

Advertising Releases:
The undersigned consents to the use of his/her name, pictures of himself/herself, and his/her kart for publicity, advertising, and endorsements both before and after events, and relinquishes the rights to photos taken in connection with GSR Racing LLC events and consents to the publication and/or sale of such photos as GSR Racing LLC desires.


Ability to Perform:

I certify that I am physically able to compete and am not a danger to myself or to other competitors.

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