Individual : $45.00
(only $30.00 if paid on or before April 1st)

Family: $55.00
(only $40.00 if paid on or before April 1st)

Family membership is for families with 2 or more karters under age 18.  Other karters in the family get
reduced pit pass fees. Note: All members of the family must sign the membership application form.

Minor:  Any person who is age 17 or under, MUST have a "Minor Release and Waiver of Liability &
Indemnity Agreement"form signed, completed and on file with GSR Kartway.  Forms are available.

Standard release must also be signed upon entry.
Printable Membership Form

Membership Benefits:
Savings on race night pit pass admission.
Inclusion in all GSR Kartway mailings.
Families save on membership at GSR Kartway - pay only one membership for entire family.
Next Race:
Wednesday, May 6th 2015
N11024 Hwy 45, Clintonville WI 54929

Race day / Rain out phone: Ed (715) 853-8097